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L'Arc~en~Ciel icon awards

all that burning with desire fun...

L'Arc~en~Ciel awards
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Welcome to laruku_awards. An awards community centered around L'Arc~en~Ciel that holds weekly icon challenges where users are able to submit their works as well as vote for their favourite icons. Like other icon awards communities, a theme will be done weekly in which the participants are to create an icon based around that theme of the week.

Of course, you don't have to join to only submit an icon. You can participate in voting as well. ^^

1. Each user is entitled to entering only one icon per theme. Just one.
2. All icons are to be made by the user and not, say, stolen.
2. All icons are to meet livejournal's basics for icons being 100x100 in size and under 40k.
3. All icons are to relate to the week's theme given as well as L'Arc~en~Ciel.
4. Icons are to be hosted on a site that allows direct linking, otherwise we can't see your icon and you cannot be entered.
5. Members are to not advertise their icon for votes, because you know, that's cheating.
6. No icons will be accepted after the deadline.
7. The timespan for submitting an icon will be from Sunday 5pm to Thursday 5pm EST. Voting will take place from Friday 5pm to Saturday 5pm EST and winners will be announced sometime Saturday along with the new theme. Banners will follow shortly within the week.

1. A post shall be made indicating to submit your icons for the week's theme. Submit to that post.
2. Entering an icon can be done like so:

your username
the icon itself
url of icon




3. All comments will be screened, so there's no need for you to submit anonymously.

1. Members are to vote on the post indicating for you to vote. No brainer there. x__x
2. Please do not vote for yourself, this includes voting for yourself under different usernames. It's cheating, you know.
3. Like other icon awards communities seem to be doing, voting will be done by a point system. Members are to vote for their three favourite icons in who they think should be first, second and third. First will be worth 3 points, second will be worth 2 points and third will be worth 1 point. After all the points are counted, we'll have our winners. :)
4. Voting will be screened to keep others from seeing who you voted for.

1. The three icons with the most votes will be crowned the winners and receive a shiny banner as their prize.
2. Depending on the amount of entries submitted, a moderators choice may be selected. This is where the moderator selects an icon that did not win - but feels had the potential enough to win, and is awarded a moderators choice award.
3. Winners will be announced shortly after voting has closed, banners following up sometime within the week.

Week One: Textless
Week Two: Food
Week Three: One word
Week Four: Ken
Week Five: Lyrics


Link to laruku awards~! Upload images to your own server, please~ ^___^

Moderator -> drops_of_colour
Co-mod -> easternvibe
Shiny banner makers
-> jennush
-> lirimaer
-> nullspace

Main image taken from L'Arc~en~Ciel's official site.