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Week 12 Submit...

Theme for this week is song titles. Make an icon of any member of Laruku you'd like, done however you'd like, so long as the text on the icon is a L'Arc~en~Ciel song. Like for example, Niji, flower, NEO UNIVERSE etc. That's the only form of text that can be on the icon, one of their songs. Just L'Arc~en~Ciel song titles, no HYDE, Tetsu69, acid android or S.O.A.P song titles. Hope that explains it all well. :) Submit in the usual format:



You have until Thursday 5pm EST to submit~

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Week 11 Submit...

I'm on time for once. 8D Theme for this week is transparent. Do whatever you'd like to the icon, of any of the Laruku members, so long as the icon is transparent. :D Submit in the usual format:



Deadline for entries is Thursday at 5pm EST.

nullspace, you're up for week 10 banners [ unless you've changed your mind^^; ]. :)

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winners for week 10

congrats to the winnersCollapse )

We're also looking for 2 banner makers to assist with jennush, to make things easier on her. We'll switch them up. Banner maker #1 does one week, banner maker #2 does the next week and so on. Only requirements are that you are good with graphic making (look at the banners jennush has made). You can still enter the weekly theme but if you're up for making banners that week you might be making your own if you win, hahaha. But let us know, graphic makers if you're interested.

Theme for week 11 will come later in the evening.

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