February 20th, 2005

Ayu // Compassion is of no use


We have a tie between 4 icons [ 2 tied and another 2 tied ], so... we need a few more votes to untie them all. Please vote if you haven't already and hopefully it won't tie them up anymore. Yes. Go vote~
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Nat // with Anakin

Week 13 Winners...

Yay, thank you for the extra votes, now we have some winners. Thank you to everyone who entered and voted, now here are this week's winners.

week 13 winners~Collapse )

So, about next week's theme... I'll leave it up to Jazmine, if she wants to go through with it, she can, if not, it'll just be on hiatus until things are back to normal for the both of us. Yes, Jazmine will tell you all. ._.

Yay for the winners, banners can be done by... I guess either Shiz or Jen, whichever of you two want to. o___o;;

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