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Week 13 Winners...

Yay, thank you for the extra votes, now we have some winners. Thank you to everyone who entered and voted, now here are this week's winners.

week 13 winners~Collapse )

So, about next week's theme... I'll leave it up to Jazmine, if she wants to go through with it, she can, if not, it'll just be on hiatus until things are back to normal for the both of us. Yes, Jazmine will tell you all. ._.

Yay for the winners, banners can be done by... I guess either Shiz or Jen, whichever of you two want to. o___o;;

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We have a tie between 4 icons [ 2 tied and another 2 tied ], so... we need a few more votes to untie them all. Please vote if you haven't already and hopefully it won't tie them up anymore. Yes. Go vote~
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Week 13 Vote...

Sorry this is quite late, but both MODS are having some... issues at the moment. But here's week 13's voting post up for you all to vote. Voting will run over the weekend and I'm not sure yet if a week 14 theme will be announced or if the community will go on hiatus for a bit. We'll see, regardless, voting will take place and winners will be announced. So, get to the voting, vote for the icons you think should be first, second and third.

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Good luck to everyone~

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small issue

I'm not sure how many of you speak to either of the mods here regularly, but a few rather unexpected real life issues have come up for both of them. There is a 90% chance I will talk to Kia (drops_of_colour) this weekend, so I can find out what she wants to do for sure (unless Jazmine is back? *looks around for easternvibe hopefully*)

Until then, everyone should just keep submitting icons for last week's theme, if they haven't already.

In a worst-case-scenario I (or anyone else who'd be interested/that Kia or Jazmine say they could trust) could take over posting competitions until one or both mods get back.
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Have until tomorrow to submit an icon to the post made here. Theme's not even `hard` this week, it's a freebie week. Don't forget to submit.
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Week 13 Submit...

Okay, the theme for this week is Freebie Week, which means that you may submit an icon of any of the members of Laruku, done however you like with whatever text you'd like on it. You're free to do as you wish to your icon [ so long as it's of a Laruku member, hehehe ^^; ], thus the freebie week theme. :D Might do some more of these in the future, not sure yet. Anyways, submit in the usual format:


You have until Thursday 5pm EST to submit~

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Week 12 Winners...

Wow~! What a close race this week. ^^; Thank you to everyone who participated and voted. Now onto the winners for Song titles~

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nullspace will be up for week 12 banners [ if she's up for it :o ], we're still trying to decide an order for the banner makers, but seeing how jennush and lirimaer were the last ones to make banners, we figured Shizzy could be up this time or something. :D Uhm, you'll have to make your own banner since you won a spot, unless you'd like one of the other banner makers to make you one, Shiz, hehehe. ^^;

Any complications with that, let us know. :) And next week's theme coming up shortly.

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