you can have my precious bones on my return (lirimaer) wrote in laruku_awards,
you can have my precious bones on my return

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week 11 banners

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*faints on her banner* RABURII *-* [you even animated it! <3] <3 sankyuu nutmeg for zee beautiful banner T-T <3 They're all so nice *-*
P.S. T-T *pets juur tummy* Feel better <3
Think I'm slowly coming down with something stress-related, possibly. :\
Get better! now! I order it. :D
*laugh* If only that worked.
Whose to say it didn't? ;)
But the colours only line up on one certain frame. :x Should've rethunk that part.
hehehe... I didn't even know I won one cause I've been off all day. Nice surprise. :D
I'm glad you like. :)
Made my day 38486416537837834387b3873x better.
Thanks for making these for us! XD XD You made mine so adoooorable!
I'm glad you like it. I tried to imitate the style of your icon but still add a different sort of touch to it. :)
definitely shiney enough :)
they all match the icons just loverlily!

*runs off to plan for this week as ordered ;)*
Good girl. *pets*
mrew =^.^=